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Our part as we Stand in Solidarity

As we indicated in this post, our goal of this particular discussion thread is to enable all of you to share links, suggestions and advice on how you can help during this terrible crisis, the war in Ukraine. We ask to that you remain focused on the h...

Regression tests in SOLMAN

The tests are one of the most important things when you need to approve new development, or in an implementation project, or improvement thinks, or even just to guarantee that the system keeps working the way was delivered in the last synchronization...

Jarlei by Member
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You are appreciated.

March 1st marks World Compliment Day. As many of you might know, we have some special days in SAP Community that hopefully bring a little smile to your face, as we award you a badge for being active on that particular day.Today is our Random Day Surp...


Cryptic Crosswords – submit your SAP-related clue

Cryptic crosswords are the best type of crosswords. Maybe you've seen in them puzzles in the Times of London or the New Yorker (how anyone does those I don't know). I've also seen them in Israel papers occasionally (even more difficult for me since t...


Authentication issue with DW trial

Hi!I'm experiencing some problems when logging in to start my SAP DW trial: I received instructions on how to change my password by clicking on "Forgot my password", but I am not getting the email to do so, so I can't access the free trial. Has anyon...

Too much, too little, or just right - Information of course

Please share your experience of looking for something and being frustrated or not. Perhaps it was easy to find and fun. I have some of those too - fun times. Right now - I'm well frustrated.Too much!OK - first off I must say it would have been easier...

mcrapo by Member
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Happy Birthday to Craig Cmehil

I can't post on social media while at work, so I thought I would give it a try hereHe's written the book about SAP Community! HAPPY BIRTHDAY @craigcmehil Photo by Martin Gillet


Share a funny SAP story

Everyone has a funny story from their life events. Kindly share one where SAP was involved.In my case, I joined in a team called Fiori. And initially I use to work on SAP ABAP, after almost 3 months while chatting with an anonymous person in a cab, I...

SAP Community Code Challenge - Learn, share and discuss!

We have a new code challenge for you, where we can learn together and have a bit of fun relating to SAP Community profile pictures. If you haven't already, have a look at the SAP Community Code Challenge blog post for a quick overview. You're in the ...

Why do you love the SAP Community? ♥️

Today is a big day! If you're thinking now "Oops, what's the day today?", then you've come to the right place. Today is Valentine's Day!We, at the SAP Community Team, would like to thank you for your commitment to this community. We love YOU! Neverth...

New or not to the SAP Community, share your story!

For some of us the SAP Community started off way back in 2003/2004 as the SAP Developer Network (SDN). Later after the Business Objects Community and others merged together it became the SAP Community Network (SCN) - then in 2016 it simply became the...


Read any good blogs lately? Pick Just One

Have you read any good blogs? Any you strongly agreed with or found yourself nodding your head at it when reading it.I don't get her very often to play, but I'd love to hear out what everyone is enjoying to read. Also I put an impossible goal for me ...

mcrapo by Member
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Vacationing at home

Does anyone like to vacation and enjoy staying home anymore? I know since Covid some people feel trapped in their house. But even before that?Them: Vacation where are you going? Me: No where just reading, watching, and enjoying a day at home.Then: At...

mcrapo by Member
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SALV with nested structures , yay or nay!

I have wrote some code to display deep structures and nested internal tables in ABAP using SALV. Can we do something better ?GitHub: Development

tewarid by Member
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Sky Watcher?

I figure I won't be alone in here, I'm sure there are more who did S.E.T.I. and things like that over the years - maybe even still do. Are you a sky watcher? Night Sky fan? I was just looking at what there is to see this month considering I missed th...

ASUG Orlando

will we have ASUG in Orlando this year 2022 ?Really i miss it   

Braam by Member
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New Year 2022... What do you hope to do?

I hope to win 2 million dollars. OK 1 Million would be good. You know since I don't even play the lotto. Hmmmm... Really though -I hope to make some time to fly down to Florida and spend some time with my Niece and Sister. I miss them all the time. H...

mcrapo by Member
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best place to travels

Hi there, Some places are really incredible and are often known through word of mouth. Ready for holidays. I am ready to go...look at this Share others places that you know! Catedral de mármol de la Patagonia

c4lover by Member
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Thanks to the DevToBerFest-Team !

Hi I have participated to the #devtoberfest, and I was really happy to receive the T-shirt !! So, we decide with MissTick (the black lady), to post the dog-picture to thank the SAP Team. Have a nice day !Fred


My favorite place is ... because...

Hello Everyone,Today I would like to invite you to a very special journey. The places where we will go will be defined by imagination and stories of your favorite places around the world. In my opinion a favorite place can be anywhere. I think what i...

Oshbolivia.jpg Oshboliviamountains.jpg

What is your Favorite Holiday Movie?

I know some will say Die Hard, It's a Wonderful Life, or maybe you're like my brother and love Chevy Chase's Christmas Vacation...but for me it is... DRUMROLLWhite Christmas with Bing Crosby. The singing, the dancing, the outfits, Rosemary Clooney. T...

cannot find my published post under coffee corner

HiI already have one published post date April 11, 2021 at SAP Community / coffee corner My ABAP Code - Thinking Aloud Project by DJ Adams (qmacro)When i click the URL am getting redirected to the coffee corner main page, cannot find my post anymore ...

Yasin by Member
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Can group discussions be sorted by last activity?

Perhaps it's just me, but it looks as if the sort "Most recent" is just looking for the "thread started timestamp"? When I refresh the discussions page I don't really see changes where discussions with newly added comments float to the top. It's ther...