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Our part as we Stand in Solidarity

As we indicated in this post, our goal of this particular discussion thread is to enable all of you to share links, suggestions and advice on how you can help during this terrible crisis, the war in Ukraine. We ask to that you remain focused on the h...

Suggestions to do in Munich

Hello all!For the next 2 weeks, 5 people and I will go to Munich, to visit our colleagues.I am happy to see suggestions for the weekend. Some ideas are: Salzburg, museums.Any other suggestion? Thanks!

Isabel by Member
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Can you remember the first time you heard of SAP

Hello Coffee Corner folks, when was the first time you heard about or saw SAP, can you recall those early carrier days of yours? By Today I completed my 10 Years journey in the SAP World #SAPCarrier #SAPLife

Ruthvik by Member
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New Learner in SAP ABAP

Trying to develop something in sap. I am having a proper development experience but sap is new for me and it's now a challenging task for me to get adapt in it.

Pick Your Poison. Let's talk about Whisk(e)y

Hello lovely Coffee Corner folks,Let's talk about another adult beverages for a second, whisky. Some folks spell it with an "e" and some without. Some like it smoky, some like it smooth. Some like it mild, some like it burning like fire. Some like it...

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Vote for our Origami Challenge

Some of you might have heard of our Origami Challenge already. The time has come ... it is starting today! From now onwards until November 17 you can post your piece of Origami, your final submission into this thread! Voting will be enabled by giving...

Community Showcase Badges?

I see that several folks have a Community Showcase Badges bar on their posts. Is this something that is in a trial phase or is it something anyone can do? If so, how do I create this?An example from Craig Cmehill is:-Dell

DellSC by Member
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Who rides?

So we have a thread for cars, food, cycling, lego, contributing to a virtual band, so why not one for those who ride? Do you ride? I recently decided to get back on the two wheel scene - having had my first bike when I was like 10 (paid out of my own...


When will a SIT be in Madrid?

Hello all,After speaking in SIT Fortaleza, I want another SIT or similar event in Madrid.@Bernhard do you know if a SIT in Madrid will take place? Thank you, Isabel

Isabel by Member
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SAP Universal ID - helpful for SAP Community ?

I heard of SAP Universal ID ( recently.One of my immediate thoughts was this:Will this solve the long term problem of SapCommunity that people would either:- rather create a P-User then using their S-User (althou...

The best Movie Ever!

Hi Everyone,I had an interesting question from my son a few days ago and wanted to share:He asked what do you think is the best movie ever... My first response was without thinking TheGod Father..The Good the Bad and the Ugly and I think I kind of re...

Cars, Cars, Cars.........

I love cars. However I am currently at a point in my life where I have other priorities. Thought I'd throw it out there and start some discussions ! What car(s) do you have ? What do you like/dislike about them ? What car realistically would you like...

BMW 3 Series Touring 2013.jpg BMW M340i 2021.jpg 911 Carrera 4S 2021.jpg

Off-topic, what is that?

Just wanted to say 'hello world' to the group and thanks for having me. I'll probably be lurking since I don't have much to offer but work topics. Well, I do cycle. Anyone else? Road, mountain, gravel, cyclo anyone?

vinwade by Member
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Scary movies anyone?

In the US it's getting closer and closer to Halloween... I used to love it. I lived in a large neighborhood where a normal weekend Halloween we could expect 500 - 700 trick or treaters. We knew the older people who made Carmel apples, cookies, and ot...

mcrapo by Member
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Jokes corner

Humor up your life. My brain was able to store lots of jokes. Somehow most is lost now in the late 40ies. If you have brain like strainer you have to write down. Ok, lets do this... ... asked my daughter to hand me the newspaper. She scolded me being...

What is your favorite dish or snack?

Hello Everyone,Today I would like to raise for discussion and sharing one of my most favorite topics: Cooking! (food:)). Since I was 5-6 years old I started cooking. I was amazed by the ability to make the treats and the food I liked the most, on my ...

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Coffee roasting

Given that this is the coffee corner, I guess it is appropriate to talk about coffee roasting as well. Anyone interested in coffee roasting here that will be interested in sharing their experience?

Greetings, LEGO builders - part II

The new Coffee Corner obviously needs a new LEGO thread The big news in that department recently is that the largest set ever is no longer the Colosseum. The new number one is the Titanic. It's a really gorgeous set and it's huge. 9090 pieces in the ...

Welcome, glad to see you here!

We are just opening the doors, sweeping the floors and cleaning the windows. We thought it might be nice to bring a familiar area here so everyone can test things out a bit and get a feel for this new area of functionality we've added to the SAP Comm...

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